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Hi ! I'm a first year PhD student at the IRIT lab in Toulouse, in the STORM team. My PhD subject is the real-time rendering of massive scenes, and my current focus is on occlusion culling as well as the efficient construction of spatial datastructures to accelerate occlusion culling. More generally I am interested in everything related to rendering —especially real-time rendering— and GPU programming.


Htex: Per-Halfedge Texturing for Arbitrary Mesh Topologies

Wilhem Barbier, Jonathan Dupuy

Links: paper

Direct only Ours

A Data-Driven Paradigm for Precomputed Radiance Transfer

Laurent Belcour, Thomas Deliot, Wilhem Barbier, Cyril Soler

Links: paper, project page

Personal projects

Real-time Renderer

A real-time deferred renderer using OpenGL. Its most notable features are image-based lighting, normal mapping, dynamic shadows using shadow mapping, basic temporal antialiasing and ambient occlusion.

Source code here

See the portfolio page for a showcase of some features

Path tracer

This is a simple Monte Carlo path tracer. It has a bounding volume hierarchy for fast ray-triangle intersections, and uses a physically-based rendering model.

Source code here

Software Rasterizer

I wrote this software rasterizer after learning OpenGL because I wanted to better understand the rendering pipeline.

Source code here

GameBoy emulator

A barebones GameBoy emulator: as of now it can start a game of Tetris. It also has an integrated debugger with a memory and VRAM viewer.

Source code here